"I came to therapy to try and reolve the difficuties in my marriage that had over time created a barrier between myself and my husband . I felt I really wanted to salvage our relationship as fundamentally it was a good marriage. Susan helped me to understand that we had both created a busy lifestyle where we had lost the art of communicating, rather bickering with each other constantly and alas growing further and further apart.

Through counselling I gained the awareness of how to repair my marriage, to put time aside and talk through issues that once we would never have talked about before, communication and being open and honest with each other has meant a whole new beginning for us. We now understand and listen to each other a whole lot more, and as a result, we are now much closer and the constant bickering has finally stopped. Thank you Susan for showing us how to appreciate and respect each other once more. We can now do something constructive about our problems rather than just being angry with each other."

Claire D


"I was very nervous about getting help and accepting my life was out of control, it was destroying my family and me. Physically and mentally I had noticed I was not the same person or the same mother I once was. Getting help was a big step, my family had tried many times to get me to actually go through with treatment, but I always cancelled at the last moment. My counsellor Susan made me feel that I was worthy of help.

I felt comfortable and at ease with her and importanty I trusted her. I also felt she was genuinely interested in what I had to say, as the sessions went on I felt more positive about getting the right help, it was hard at times but my weekly sessions gave me the strength to see that my life does not have to be this way, I can make those changes. Detox was not easy, but I got through it and feel proud of myself for seeing this through. I am now enjoying my sobriety through new eyes, I attend AA regularly, life is different but much kinder now. I want to say say thank you to Susan for her support and trusting in me."

Paula W


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